gm paint codes

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gm paint codes - GM Truck Headquarters

GM PAINT CODES - 66 Auto Color GM PAINT CODES - 66 Auto Color
GM PAINT CODES - 66 Auto Color
There's nothing worse than painting over a ding in your car's paint only to see that you haven't quite matched the color right. Fortunately, if you know where to look
How to Read GM Paint Codes |

gm paint codes

gm paint codes

Performing minor body work on automobiles is within the reach of anybody. Repairing a small scratch yourself requires only minimal legwork ahead of time. The first

How to Get GM Paint Codes |

How to Read GM Paint Codes |
Paint Codes, Professioanl automotive basecoat, topcoat car paint, base clear system, O.E.M. Paint Codes, Solids, Metallics, Pearls, Custom mixed paint to your O.E.M

this information is courtesy of built2rail 1 Here's a quick break down of what the code means. Example. Year 1989 Name Paint Code Dark Blue Metallic

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